I highly recommend College Recruiting Unlimited in finding that perfect fit athletically and academically for your son or daughter.  Each athlete is viewed and treated as the unique individual they are.  No cookie-cutter approach here.  Each athlete starts off with an honest, fair evaluation of ability from which an individual program will be developed.  That program balances both athletic and academic goals.  CRU will be with you every step of the recruitment process helping to maximize exposure while providing invaluable advice and insight along the way.  CRU’s approach helped my son to receive multiple offers and over $400,000 in financial assistance.


Hey CRU, it's Lou Gonzales. I'm writing you this letter to offer you a whole hearted THANK YOU for the help you gave us in teaching myself and most of all my son Tommy on the ins and outs of the whole college recruiting process.
 Your knowledge of the process was priceless. Thanks to CRU for teaching us how to communicate with coaches, what to say to them but better yet teaching Tommy what not to say made a world of difference. I know you'll be happy to know Tommy was offered twenty three financial aid packages ranging from $28,000 to $44,000 a year with a max of loans subsidized and unsubsidized of $12,000.
  And I would like to especially like to thank CRU because we all know how much of a burden school loan debt can be on our children. The reason I'm writing you is because of what you taught us made the process seamless and best of all Tom will be completing his college education owing a very manageable $22,000 of a $212,000 with us paying less than what we paid for his high school.
  I can't thank you enough and Tommy thanks you from the bottom of his heart.
                                   Thanks for everything,
                                          Lou Gonzales

We have been satisfied with CRU’s efforts to promote athletic recruitment of their clients.  CRU spent time with their clients to gain an understanding of the athlete’s goals and skill level.  CRU is knowledgeable about the recruiting process and offers experienced perspective to establish goals and set expectations. 
CRU works with clients to develop an interactive recruiting plan designed to gain exposure with institutions of all sizes. Daryl and Sandi are readily accessible, communicates well and provides status updates on activities aligned to the athlete’s recruiting plan.   


Stevenson Parent